Aluminum copper resin sand casting process
Large piece: complex-shaped aluminum bronze castings adopt a cold-tempered resin-plated sand casting process.1. Able to guarantee the requirement for rough castings size...[MORE]
Copper-aluminum pre-coated sand casting process
Large quantity of complex-shaped copper-aluminum castings adopt apre-coated sand casting process, which guarantees that every casting has the same size and can improve the size precision and...[MORE]
Copper alloy casting heat treatment technology
Various grades of copper alloy castings: As in the following grades:chromium copper C18000 series,Aluminum bronze C95300 series,Beryllium bronze C17300 series...[MORE]
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We are metal casting factory in China, offer sand casting,stamping and lost wax casting service.
Ningbo Zhouji Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. Established in 1993, this company actively expands the market and constantly develops new products to satisfy the demand of the customer while, as always, providing the customers with high-quality copper and aluminum alloy castings and mechanical processing products as well as the best services and excellent technology throughout the year. Our products sell well at home and abroad, such as in the U.S., Japan, Thailand, Austria, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions. We warmly welcome new and old friends at home and abroad to this factory to provide guidance, negotiation and cooperation.
We have the manufacturer and tester equipment such as medium frequency induction furnace, wax injection machine, die-casting machine ranging from 250tons to 1600tons, shot blaster, SPK direct reading instrument analyzer, metallurgical analysis, tensile strength tester, hardness tester, CMM. Also the die making from CNC, machining, powder coating, painting, plating, assembly are all been offered locally for the purpose of our clients' request.