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Copper Casting
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Various grades of copper alloy castings: As in the following grades
chromium copper C18000 series
Aluminum bronze C95300 series
Beryllium bronze C17300 series
Silicon bronze C65600 series

After castings undergo the heat treatment at different temperatures according to various elements of different content, there can be large increases in the tensile strength/MPa, increases in yield strength/MPa, an elongation of 8-10%, surface hardness HB and elasticity modulus (  )
Alloy Casting method Tensile strength 6b Yield strengthб0.2 Elongationδ5 % Hardness HRS (MPa) Fatigue limitб-1
Elasticity modulus
T3 S 131-172 45-62 20-40 392-440 62 117.2
TP2 S 178 - 53 451 - -
TU2 SS 150 - 55 - - 118.2